New Year’s Resolution + Niching Down

It’s currently the middle of March as I sit typing this blog post. Knowing this, it might seem a bit strange that I’m writing about 2018’s lessons, and 2019’s goals and intentions. But at the beginning of last year I set an intention to live and work more in-tune with the natural seasons, and that means I don’t even begin to think about New Year’s “resolutions” until well after the holidays (like, the end of January, at the earliest). SO! Here we are.

This blog post isn’t going to be a complete rundown of my 2019 personal and professional goals, though. Instead, I thought I’d share how my personal intentions influenced the niching down and rebranding of my writing business - an intro to the new Redefined Communications, if you will.

I’ve been a freelance writer for about 10 years. Over the course of this stage in my career, I’ve taken on a wide variety of writing jobs and projects...with a wide variety of clients and in a wide variety of industries. Now, I’m a Sagittarius, so I’m *very* multi-passionate and endlessly curious, and this sort of Renaissance Woman learn-it-all, write-it-all approach to my career really indulged that aspect of my personality for years.

And then I became a mom. And then I faced some mental health challenges.

And in this process, I was more or less forced into the slower pace of life that I always said I wanted, but that I was unwittingly sabotaging by just piling on more, more, more and more. (After all, I loved my clients and my work, so I should have felt great, right?!)

I’m digressing a bit, but the moral of the story was (*SPOILER ALERT*): I couldn’t do it all.

So I set an intention to simplify. Instead of servicing an endless array of industries and clients, I decided to niche down to the work I loved most (ghostwriting and blogging) in order to serve the types of clients I love working with most (women leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs).

At first, the idea of niching down kind of scared me because I realized I’d be giving up aspects of my work that I really loved, but, ultimately, I knew it was what I needed to do. Once I set my mind to it, there was no going back (there’s that Sagittarius thing again).

It’s a move that felt effortless and a fit that feels natural. I love helping passionate women bring their career and entrepreneurial stories to life. I love helping other women succeed. And I love sharing inspiration and content that’s helped me in some way with other women. That’s always been the purpose behind my work as founder and editor of RUBY, and now it’s the purpose behind my work here at Redefined Communications, too.

...yes, I still have two businesses and two different passions (#ArcherForLife), but at least now they’re more aligned. Right?!

And that’s it. That’s the story behind how a personal intention sparked a professional change. We’re open for business...and I’m ready to meet and learn from all of the badass women the universe is ready to send my way.

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Katarina is the owner of Redefined Communications, and founder and editor of RUBY Media. She is a girl’s girl, traveler, wife and mama trying her best to navigate this crazy world with a little bit of grit, and a whole lot of humor and grace. Follow her on Instagram.